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Why choose The Form 1 Company?

The Form 1 Company is SA’s most trusted Form 1 provider and given we don’t do conveyancing there are no actual or perceived conflicts of interest in engaging our services.

Outsourcing Form 1 preparation is strongly advised due to the risk and complexity associated with the Form 1 and we have more than 70 Agencies using our services, including offices from all the major real estate franchises.


Who do we work for?

We work on behalf of real estate agents, lawyers, conveyancers and vendors.


What is a Form 1

A Form 1 is a statutory document that the seller of land is required to provide to the purchaser during the sales process. The Form 1 contains mandated information relevant to the purchaser including:

  • Details of the parties to the transaction;
  • Prescribed encumbrances;
  • Cooling off rights;
  • Other particulars; and
  • Much more.

The complexity surrounding Form 1 preparation has increased to the point where specialist attention is required to ensure the seller’s obligations are met and rights are maintained. Errors or omissions in a Form 1 can have serious implications including cancellation of the sales contract.


What is a Property Interest Report (‘PIR’)

A PIR is a collation of government department responses in relation to the Property being sold including Environment Protection Authority, Development Assessment Commission and rates and taxes.


What is a Council search

A search that contains information relating to the property including planning approvals, Council rates and zoning information.


What we don’t do

We are specialist Form 1 service providers. We don’t undertake conveyancing, give legal advice or anything else so you can be sure you are getting the best advice and service in relation to your Form 1 every time.