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I request, direct and authorise The Form 1 Company to undertake all property searches and prepare the Form 1 (the statutory disclosure statement) for the sale contract as required under the Land & Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act. The Property Document Company Pty Ltd (“The Form 1 Company”) is requested to prepare and deliver a certifed Form 1 to the agent who is then to deliver and serve with the contract for the sale of my property. I will check, confrm and sign the Form 1 and I warrant that I am the registered owner (or attorney for the owner) and that I am liable for the costs of the searches and fees for preparation of the Form 1. I will also complete and sign the Form 1 Questionnaire and send to The Form 1 Company to enable it to complete the Form 1 for me. I acknowledge that the search costs may increase if additional searches are required and that a tax invoice will be sent to me. The authority to debit my credit card (if applicable) may increase depending on the search costs. If a company, I as a Director, guarantee the payment by the company

Terms and Credit (if applicable)

Terms are payment in 14 days on Invoice. I acknowledge that The Form 1 Company will pay the search fees for me at my request and if unpaid within 14 days then the credit terms will apply and from the date of the Invoice. I acknowledge and accept that The Form 1 Company will charge interest of 18% and a further $50 administrative fee for late payments. The Property Document Company Pty Ltd may assign this debt and all its interests herein and I consent and acknowledge any assignment or transfer. I charge any and all real property I and the company (if applicable) own with this debt (in addition to all recovery costs) and this charge may be registered. Executed as a deed.


Torrens Title:Searches* $392.98 + Preparation Cost $440 = $832.98
Community / Strata Title: Searches* $482.74 + Preparation Cost $484 = $966.74
*Search costs may vary

Payment By(please tick)
EFT - make payment to NAB - BSB 085 005 Account 15 297 3872 (use your surname as payee reference)TAX INVOICE
Cheque - please attach cheque payable to The Form 1 CompanyABN 37 162 112 441
Payment on 14 day account
Credit Card - card processing fee of 1% applies. Please complete the information below:

Credit Card Type: VISA MasterCard Card No.     
Expiry Date: Security Code usually last 3 numbers on rear of card
Cardholder's Name Signature
By submitting this form you are authorising the debit of this credit card
Amount this will increase if search costs are more than set out above
*Payment will show from Property Document Company on your bank statement

This Questionnaire must be filled out completely and signed by the Vendor to enable preparation of the Form 1.

Mortgages, Charges and Prescribed Encumbrances (Division I - Form I)
Is the property subject to any loan or mortgage that is not registered on the title?
Yes No
If yes, please advise name of lender
Is there any tenancy or unregistered lease, agreement for lease, or licence to occupy, Yes No (either written or verbal) relating to the property?
Yes No
If yes, will the tenancy be discharged at settlement? (must be filled out)
Yes No
(Please provide copy of Tenancy Agreement and any extension If not known Form 1 to state even if it is to be discharged)
If not know Form 1 to state NOT being discharged
Has there been any notice issued under Section 5 of the Fences Act 1975?
Yes No
Are there any court or tribunal processes current or underway relating to the property?
Yes No
If the property is a Strata or Community Title, please provide the name and address of the corporation secretary
Are you aware of any breach (by you or any other person) of the Strata Corporation or Community rules?
Yes No
If yes, please detail
Matters Affecting Land (Division II - Form 1)
Have there been any changes of ownership (including options or assignments) affecting the title in the last 12 months?
Yes No
Please provide details below.

Commercial Property

Is the property used for commercial purposes?
Yes No
If yes, is there an asbestos register?
Yes No
Is there a commercial building on the land (not residential) that contains asbestos?
Yes No

Particulars relating to Environment Protection

Are you aware of any of the following activities, other than domestic activities, occurring on the land before/after you acquired an interest in the land?
a. a manufacturing activity;
Yes No
b. the keeping of a dangerous substance pursuant to a licence under the Dangerous Substances Act 1979;
Yes No
c. the distribution of chemicals or fuels;
Yes No
d. the management or disposal of any waste materials, including any contaminated land fill?
Yes No
e. agricultural activities?
Yes No

This must be filled out if answered YES to any of the above a. to e.

Did the activity occur Before   After   Both  
Are you aware of any environmental assessment having taken place on the land
Yes No
If yes, did the environmental assessment occur Before   After   Both  

Building Indemnity

1. Have you or any previous owner completed building works in the last 5 years for works over $12,000?
Yes No
2. If yes, did you require Builders’ Indemnity Insurance (Builders’ Warranty Insurance)?
Yes No

General Questions

Are any of the appliances or other fixtures of fittings which are to be sold with the property Yes No subject to any hire or rental agreement? e.g. satellite dish, alarms, gas bottles
Yes No
If yes, provide details below:
Are all appliances and services into the property in working condition?
Yes No
If no, provide details below:
Do you intend to remove any fixtures prior to settlement?
Yes No
If yes, what work will you undertake to remedy any damage caused after removal?
Are you aware of any fences not on the true boundaries or any encroachment of any structure over the boundaries or over any easement or right of way?
Yes No
If yes, please detail below:
Have all improvements on the property (including pergolas, verandahs, extensions, fences, sheds, etc) been erected in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the local Council?
Yes No
Does any swimming pool or spa comply with swimming pool safety regulations?
Yes No
Are there any of the following matters under the Development Act:
a. An order to do works?
Yes No
b. A notice from an adjoining owner or council detailing future building works?
Yes No
c. Any legal action or Notice?
Yes No
If yes, provide all details and documents
Are there any other matters which are relevant to the property which the agent or purchaser should Yes No be made aware of or which will be apparent at settlement e.g. stained carpets or defects which are covered?
Yes No
If there are any additional matters affecting the land detail below or attach an annexure

Important notice to the Vendor, or the person signing this Questionnaire for the Vendor

Sections 7 and 9 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994, require the Vendor and the agent to provide certain information to the purchaser of the land. This document will be used to prepare the Form 1 and then provide that information to the purchaser and must be completed accurately and if incorrect may invalidate a Contract.

Acknowledgement by Vendor

DO HEREBY STATE that to the best of my knowledge and after inquiry by me the above information supplied is true and correct and is a full disclosure of all required information and I will advise the Agent of any changes to this information and all further information arising in relation to the property. I am aware that incorrect or incomplete information may place the proposed sale of the property at risk and I may be liable for incorrect or incomplete information in relation to claims which I might incur to the Purchaser and or to third parties relying on the information given by me. If I sign as an authorised person I warrant my authority to do so is valid and not withdrawn and is in writing as appointee or attorney of the Vendor.
By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.
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